Life in the Future Сочинение на английском языке

By | 16.11.2015

         Life in the future. A man is created such a way that he always hopes life tomorrow will be more wonderful than today. As for me, I absolutely agree with it.

I remember my childhood. It was very nice. We dreamt that our future will be better. But even in the most courageous hopes we couldn't imagine how nowadays life had changed. At days of my childhood a top of our dreams was having a simple calculator, a color TV-set, video. Later we all wanted to have a computer. Now in my family there are seven computers and we think that is not enough. We would like to have more.
Era of Internet. Before we couldn't even think about such a thing like NET. Now NET unites all the world. Could we imagine that a person somewhere on the North would communicate with another one on the South on-line? 

All our life is full of different gadgets. Our existence is impossible without them. It seems that life will stop if we lose them.
If the scientific progress develops so quickly, it's difficult to imagine what waits for us in ten, twenty, thirty, hundred years. 
It's quite possible that in the future we will not need any transport. We will move all over the world by any fantastic way. For example, using only power of a thought and human energy, we can appear at any place where we wish.

Or once more a fantastic idea. We will not have to read books as we do it now. It'll be enough to swallow any pill and a book will be in our brain at the same minute. And many other unreal ideas come to my mind. And I know that in some time they will come true.

But I'd like to say a few words about other things. In spite of great development of the technical progress I am sure that such human values as love, faithfulness, kindness, sympathy, patriotism and many others will stay forever.

No innovations and gadgets will substitute kind and understanding eyes, words of support, mutual aid, strong handshake, merry friendly laugh. All achievements of the technical progress will be aimed at prosperity and wellness of all humanity.

I am for such future. The future without wars and conflicts. I am for future where people keep carefully past and build our tomorrow wizely.


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